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Amazon Brand Registry

Your brand holds significant value, and it is crucial to consistently protect and defend it. At Be Big Seller, we are committed to safeguarding your brand and business by dedicating extensive time to search for and report infringements. We offer Brand Registry consulting services specifically for Amazon. Our objective is to provide you with the confidence that your brand is secure and protected on the premier e-commerce platform.

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Amazon Brand Registry

Protect and Build Your Brand

While expanding your brand on Amazon might be simple, it gets challenging if corrupt people use your intellectual property and sell it without your consent. The amazon Brand Registry merely assists you in defending your brand against imitations and disclosing suspected violations.

Amazon Brand Registry

Safeguard Your Brand on Amazon, Today

While you are concentrating on building your brand and selling it on the world’s biggest e-commerce website, the last thing you want to do is waste your time, fighting off counterfeiters or monitoring the authenticity of your product listing.

Although selling your products on Amazon may seem like a straightforward concept, the consequences are improbable, as once your brand is created and established, it will generate significant profits. Making your own brand and putting your goods up for sale on Amazon, though, might feel precarious. Amazon is a global e-commerce giant that may help your goods reach hundreds of buyers, but the competition on this platform might knock you off your game and out of the market with low-cost imitations.

The brand registry programme offered by Amazon, whose team of professionals is continuously working to give you top-notch facilities, is the perfect solution to your issues. With access to specialised staff and special privileges, the programme enables brand owners and manufacturers to regulate product listings (ASINs) and safeguard their registered trademarks.

Amazon asserts that registered companies report 99% fewer alleged infringements than they did prior to registration and that 95% of reports of infringement made by rights owners are examined within 24 hours. Additionally, access to tools like enhancing your marketing and listing quality is only possible with Brand Registry. It’s reasonable to assume that this is one of the best ways for your company to successfully and safely sell products on Amazon.

Amazon Brand Registry

How Can BeBig Seller Help You
with Your Brand Registry?

At BeBig Seller, we work hard to keep one step ahead of the competition by offering our clients a 360-degree service and using innovation to secure your future. And we will stop at nothing to give you top-notch services in a single location.

We connect you with one of our attorneys who has extensive experience managing your Amazon Brand register. We can often register our clients with the Brand Registry within a short period of time since our attorneys are professionals in this field and can handle Amazon Brand Registry trademark submissions for clients nationwide with ease. To make the registration process easier, we use a straightforward 4-step procedure:

Free lawyer check

We promise to deliver our advice and outcome to you within 24 hours.

Application Drafting

With your full legal counsel, we will write an application on your behalf and submit it.

IPO Examination

The application will be evaluated, looked over for probable opposition, and approved.

Your trademark

is valid for 10 years after it has been legally registered, and it keeps priority throughout the entire procedure.

Amazon Brand Registry

What Do I Get Out of It?
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Industrial Standards

Our Outcomes

Potential Risk-assessment

Paid Search ($150)

Free lawyer’s  recommendation within 24 hours

Services offered

Limited only to registration

Registration, assistance for litigation and monitoring

Coverage of Services

only 1-2 country's covered

Global coverage

Registration process

Often lengthy and frequently ambiguous

Simple online 3-step process

Application success rate



Pricing plan

Uncertain with fees concealed

clear, encompassing all costs

Exposure to the Amazon Brand Registry


1-2 weeks

Extra Benefits

Peace of mind thanks to Trama's track record of 7382 happy customers